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Doink IPA Bundle

Explore the full spectrum of Doink flavors with our special IPA bundle! This collection brings together new variations and our beloved flagship to offer a diverse tasting experience. Perfect for IPA enthusiasts and those curious about the breadth of hop-infused creations.

This bundle includes 6 cans of Doinky goodness, delivered directly to your doorstep:

  • 2 x Berry Doink - Dive into this 6.5% Milkshake IPA, brimming with a medley of blackberry, blackcurrant, blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry. It's a fruit-packed sensation that's as juicy as it is refreshing.

  • 2 x Qua-Doink - Experience the intensity of our 12.0% Quadruple IPA, featuring an extraordinary 30 grams per liter of dry hopping. This bold brew delivers profound hop flavors and a potent punch, perfect for those who love their IPAs with maximum impact.

  • 2 x Big Doink - Revisit the classic that started it all, our 8.0% Double IPA. Big Doink is the flagship Gamma beer known for its robust hop profile and balanced bitterness. A must-try for fans of traditional IPAs.

Whether you're a longtime IPA lover or just beginning to explore hoppy beers, this bundle offers something for everyone to enjoy.