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Lager with Pomelo and Earl Gray - 4.7% ABV 

Introducing a truly unique twist on traditional lager with our Pomelo & Earl Gray Lager, standing at 4.7% ABV. This creative blend marries the zesty, refreshing notes of pomelo with the distinctive, aromatic flavors of Earl Gray tea. The infusion of these two ingredients provides a surprising and delightful complexity to the light, crisp base of the lager, crafted from barley and rice.

This brew is subtly flavored, allowing the citrusy undertones of pomelo and the soft, bergamot-infused nuances of Earl Gray to shine through, complemented by a hint of hops and yeast for balance. Each 440ml serving offers a refreshing take on lager, perfect for those looking to explore new flavor horizons in their beer choices. Enjoy a fusion of fruit and tea in this innovative lager that's sure to intrigue and refresh.

Allergener: Barley, Rice, Pomelo, Earl Gray Tea, Hops + Yeast.
Indhold: 440ml

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