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Fruit Sour - 5.0% ABV

Dive into the vibrant and tangy world of our Fruit Sour, boasting a refreshing 5.0% ABV. This lively sour ale is infused with a delightful trio of raspberry, rhubarb, and blackcurrant, each contributing its unique flavor to create a beautifully complex profile.

The raspberry offers bright, juicy notes, rhubarb adds a slightly tart and crisp edge, and blackcurrant rounds out the blend with deep, berry undertones. The result is a harmonious fusion of fruits that delivers a burst of sourness balanced by subtle sweetness, making it irresistibly refreshing and drinkable. Perfect for sour ale enthusiasts and those seeking a fruity, flavorful escape, our Fruit Sour is a delightful refreshment for any occasion.

Indhold: 440ml

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