Flagship Bundle

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Flagship Bundle

Reconnect with the essentials of great craft beer with our Flagship Bundle. This selection showcases our go-to favorites, featuring six distinct styles that have defined our brewery. Available all year round, these beers are our pride and joy, perfectly crafted for those who appreciate quality and consistency.

This discounted 6-pack includes 6 x 440ml cans of:

  • Big Doink – A robust 8.0% Double IPA, celebrated for its deep hop flavors and bold character.
  • Freak Wave – A vibrant 6.5% IPA with a perfect blend of hops for a refreshing tropical burst.
  • Zig Zag – A crisp 4.5% Session IPA, offering hoppy satisfaction with a lighter touch.
  • Organic Classic - A smooth 4.6% Vienna Lager, made with all-organic ingredients for a pure, classic taste.
  • Organic Pilsner – A clean and refreshing 4.8% Pilsner, crafted for purity and a crisp finish.
  • Undulation – A 5.0% Sour, artfully combining raspberry, rhubarb, and blackcurrant for a tart, fruity experience.

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