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Dry Stout 4.2% ABV

Experience the rich, robust flavors of our Dry Stout, crafted at a comfortable 4.2% ABV for perfect sessionability. This stout features a deep, ebony hue and a creamy, persistent head, offering aromas of roasted coffee and dark chocolate that immediately captivate the senses. The flavor is dominated by toasted malts, with hints of espresso and a slight bitterness from the hops, which provide balance to the malt's natural sweetness.

The finish is dry and clean, making it remarkably easy to drink yet satisfyingly full-bodied. Ideal for those who appreciate the darker side of beer without the heaviness often associated with stouts, our Dry Stout is a classic, straightforward brew that pairs perfectly with hearty meals or as a standalone treat.

Indhold: 440ml

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