Just The One Bundle | 12-Pack

475 DKK 660 DKK

 Just The One Single Hop IPA Variety Pack

Experience the unique characteristics of single-hop brewing with our "Just The One" IPA series, now available in a specially priced variety pack. This collection includes:

  • 4 x Just The One - Mosaic: Explore vibrant tropical and fruity notes, with hints of berry and floral notes.

  • 4 x Just The One - Columbus: Savor the bold, earthy bitterness with spicy and herbal undertones that Columbus hops are known for.

  • 4 x Just The One - Zappa: Dive into the wild side with Zappa's exotic fruit flavors, accented with notes of mint and citrus.

Get all three distinctive IPAs and enjoy the nuanced differences that each hop variety brings to the brew. Perfect for hop lovers and those keen to explore the impact of single-hop variations in their beer.